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Galvanized wire mesh can be used for engineering construction


Galvanized wire mesh can be used for engineering construction

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Hot dip galvanized welding wire mesh only layer of zinc coating on the internet name, there will be a beautiful ecological rust and corrosion 

Hot dip galvanized welding wire mesh only layer of zinc coating on the internet name, there will be a beautiful ecological rust and corrosion, long service life. Galvanized welded electric welding network is divided into: cold galvanizing and hot dip galvanizing. When people pray for hot-dip galvanized welded electric welding nets, one of the exquisite weaving machines, the web surface is smooth and even, widely used. This product is used for decoration and decoration. First, when you install the brick and veneer, it is required that the hot-dip galvanized welded wire mesh is laid in advance according to the size of the construction, after the first mortar is solidified, the anchor is anchored, and the second time is to rub the mortar and brick adhesive layer again.  

Hot dip galvanized welded wire mesh with 20 # x 3/4 (20 mm diameter), welded wire mesh may not rust, galvanized welded wire mesh welded to the first electroplating, zinc coating is divided into cold and hot galvanized zinc, galvanized galvanized welded wire mesh is usually used, for interior wall insulation construction, and other projects