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What are the differences between gabion box and hexagon net


What are the differences between gabion box and hexagon net

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Some people say that the gabion box is not made by the hexagonal wire mesh? That's just a part of it. There is a kind of gabion box which is made by hexagonal wire mesh. 

  Some people say that the gabion box is not made by the hexagonal wire mesh? That's just a part of it. There is a kind of gabion box which is made by hexagonal wire mesh. First to introduce what is the hexagonal wire meshwork, and then introduce what is the gabion box.

  The hexagonal wire mesh is made of high quality wire. The reason why it is metal wire is that it is divided into many kinds, such as high carbon steel wire, low carbon steel wire, iron wire, galvanized wire, cold galvanized wire, dipped plastic wire and PVC wire. The twisted twisted mesh machine. So it is commonly known as twisted flower. hexagonal wire mesh, as its name implies, is a mesh of hexagonal shape. It is divided into three: six and five screw angle screw six angle twisted mesh. The hexagonal wire meshs can be further processed into stone cage nets, and can also be used for harnessing the hillside hanging nets. They are used for raising chickens, ducks, goose, rabbits and zoo fences, machinery and equipment protection, highway guardrail, stadium Purse Seine, street greenbelt guardrail net. In a word, the application of the hexagonal wire mesh is especially wide.

  Type of stone cage net also has many kinds, such as: the six angle deep processing boxes like cage, for stone, also is a six stone cage net. There is a deep processing of welding wire mesh gabion, deep processing of huangtongwang into hook flower stone cage net. The stone cage nets is six mesh (huangtongwang or wire mesh) into a box shaped containers after fabrication, cages filled with rocks, can be used to protect and support the seawall, slope, Luqiao, reservoirs and other civil engineering, is a good material for flood control and flood.

  Although the main material stone cage net is six mesh, chain link fence and wire mesh, but the majority of hexagonal wire mesh. So people often think that the hexagonal wire mesh and the stone cage are one thing. In fact, it is not. Six stone cage net is only the six corner of the net a deep processing of the product. And hexagonal wire mesh is only one of the main materials of the processing gabion box.

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